Alligare MSM 60 Selective Herbicide (16 oz)

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MSM 60 delivers a powerful punch to control stubborn weeds while still being highly selective for desirable grasses. By itself, MSM 60 can tackle over 100 species of broadleaf weeds and brush. When combined with a residual product containing Picloram, your weed control program will achieve the gold standard of effectiveness.

Features & Benefits:

  • Broad-spectrum weed and brush control
  • Pre-emergence activity when applied to foliage at emergence or dormancy break
  • Can be used for selective weed control in unimproved industrial turfgrass
  • Suppresses undesirable weeds and hardwoods in conifer plantations
  • Excellent tank-mix partner
  • Economical – low use rates

Use Sites:

Rights of Way, Pastures, Forestry, Non Crop Sites

Effective Against:

Broadleaf: Clover, Cocklebur, Common Mullein, Curly Dock, Dandelion, Dogfennel, Goldenrod, Houndstongue, Lambsquarters, Mustard, Oxeye Daisy, Poison Hemlock, Sowthistle, Sulfur Cinquefoil, Tansy, Teasel, Thistle, Whitetop, Wild Carrot, Wooly Croton, Yarrow

Brush/Woody: Ash, Aspen, Bitter Sneezeweed, Blackberry, Broom Snakeweed, Cottonwood, Elm, Black Locust, Oaks, Sericea Lezpedeza, Spruce, Wild Rose, Willow

Active Ingredients: Metsulfuron Methyl 60%

For Best Results: MSM 60 belongs to the sulfonylurea chemical family of herbicides. Herbicides in this family inhibit branched- chain amino acid synthesis in plants. MSM 60 is absorbed through the roots and foliage of plants, rapidly inhibiting the growth of susceptible weeds. For best results, apply MSM 60 when weeds are less than 4” tall or in diameter and are actively growing. See specific directions for each weed type. Effectiveness may be reduced if rainfall occurs within 4 hours after application.

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