Cavalcade 4L Herbicide (2.5 gal)

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Cavalcade® 4L Pre-Emergent Herbicide: Achieve Superior Weed Control

Experience top-notch residual weed control with Cavalcade® 4L Pre-Emergent Herbicide. This liquid formulation is your solution for long-lasting, pre-emergent control against 30 troublesome grassy and broadleaf weeds. Say goodbye to crabgrass, Poa annua, goosegrass, prostrate spurge, common purslane, and knotweed.

With Cavalcade® 4L, you can apply this effective herbicide in the fall to prevent weeds, ensuring your landscape stays pristine through the following spring. Say hello to a weed-free future with Cavalcade® 4L Pre-Emergent Herbicide!

Features & Benefits:

  • Season long residual pre-emergence control of the most notorious broadleaf and grassy weeds
  • Non-staining
  • Can be applied in fall and spring
  • Stable formulation ensures efficacy in the weed germination zone

Use Sites:

Golf Courses (established turf excluding greens), Sports Turf, Commercial and Residential Lawns, Sod Farms, Conifer & Hardwood Seedling Nurseries, Established Perennial and Wildflower Plantings, Managed Rights-Of-Way, Roadways, Roadsides, Railways, Equipment Yards, Substations, Tank Farms, Pumping Stations, Parking & Storage Areas, Ungrazed Fence Rows, Christmas Tree Farms

Effective Against:

BarnyardgrassAnnual BluegrassCarpetweedChickweedMouseear ChickweedCrabgrass
PanicumPigweedPurslaneFlorida PuselyRescuegrassShepherdspurse
Broadleaf SignalgrassPersian SpeedwellSprangletopProstrate SpurgeWitchgrassYellow Woodsorrel

Active Ingredients: Prodiamine 40.7%


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