Imazacast Selective Aquatic Herbicide (1qt)

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Imazacast is a revolutionary herbicide specifically designed to combat submerged aquatic vegetation while also addressing floating and emergent plants. With its selective and systemic aqueous formulation, Imazacast offers unparalleled effectiveness in managing and suppressing target weeds in aquatic environments.


Featuring the potent active ingredient Imazamox, Imazacast ensures thorough control of weeds from leaf to root, delivering exceptional results. Its systemic activity enables precise targeting and eradication of troublesome vegetation, allowing you to maintain pristine water bodies and enhance their overall health.


Whether you prefer direct application to water or utilizing a broadcast spray method, Imazacast excels in both approaches. By directly applying it to the water, you can effectively manage submerged aquatic weeds, curbing their growth and restoring balance to your aquatic ecosystems. Alternatively, as a broadcast spray, Imazacast efficiently tackles floating and emergent plants, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient weed suppression.


Features & Benefits:

  • Effective control of surface and/or submerged aquatic vegetation
  • Versatile use options for noncrop industrial areas such as railroads, tank farms, pumping stations, and rights-of-way
  • No restrictions on livestock watering, swimming, fishing, domestic use, or use of treated water for agricultural sprays
  • Target vegetation quickly absorbs and translocates to growing parts of the plant
  • Effective for many submerged, emergent and floating monocot and broadleaf aquatic species


Use Sites:

Ponds, Lakes, Estuarine & Marine Sites, Swamps, Marshes, Wetlands, Ditches, Canals, Creeks, Streams, Rivers, Roadsides, Fence Rows, Utility Rights of Way, Railroads, Tank Farms, Pumping Stations


Effective Against:


AlligatorweedArrowheadCattailChinese TallowtreeCommon Reed
Floating HeartFloating PennywortFlowering RushMosquito FernSaltcedar
SmartweedUmbrella PlantVariable-leaf MilfoilWater HyacinthWater Lily
Wild Taro    


Susceptible Aquatic Plants:


BladderwortCurlyleaf PondweedEurasian WatermilfoilFrog's Bit
PickerelweedSpikerushWater HyacinthWater Stargrass


Terrestrial Weeds Controlled:


Annual RyegrassJerusalem ArtichokeWild BeetWild BuckwheatCamphor Tree
Volunteer CanolaCattailChickweedGiant RagweedHenbit
Jamaican NightshadeKochiaBurning NettlePigweedPunturevine
Purple SedgeYellow Sedge   



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