RoundUp ProMax (1.67Gal)

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RoundUp ProMax is a powerful herbicide that provides effective and long-lasting weed control. With its fast-acting formula, RoundUp ProMax penetrates weed leaf surfaces quickly, ensuring that you can trust its weed-killing power. This post-emergent, systemic product is designed to move through the entire weed, from the leaves to the roots, killing the entire plant and preventing regrowth.


When you apply RoundUp ProMax to a weed, the plant absorbs the herbicide, which then prevents the plant from producing its own food and gathering nutrients. The product is then transported throughout the weed, killing the entire plant, including the roots. With RoundUp ProMax, dead weeds won't regrow, and you can enjoy a weed-free lawn or garden.


Once applied, Roundup ProMax breaks down into natural materials and does not move through the soil to affect nearby, untreated plants. With a water-soluble liquid formulation that contains 50% glyphosate and 14.5% surfactant, RoundUp ProMax provides broad-spectrum control of many annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees. It is recommended for use in general non-crop areas and requires no additional surfactant. Trust RoundUp ProMax to provide fast and effective weed control that you can rely on.


Features & Benefits:

  • No additional surfactant needed
  • Defend your garden, lawn, and landscaping from invasive weeds
  • Roundup ProMax is perfect for trimming and edging, renovating turf, weeding shrub beds, and eliminating brush and vines
  • Broad spectrum post-emergence control of over 250 weed, woody brush, and tree species 
  • Quick kill with virtually no regrowth
  • Rainfast within 30 minutes of application



SDS Sheet


Hand-Held Sprayer Mix Rates

Desired Volume0.4%0.7%1.0%1.5%4%7%
1 gal0.5 oz1 oz1.3 oz2 oz5 oz9 oz
25 gal0.8 pt0.7 qt1 qt1.5 qt4 qt7 qt
100 gal1.6 qt2.8 qt1 gal1.5 gal4 gal7 gal


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