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Triad SFZ Select - the ultimate solution for post-emergent broadleaf weed control! This powerful herbicide contains four active ingredients, including sulfentrazone, to deliver a broad spectrum of weed control with proven performance in turfgrass.

Within hours of application, you'll notice weed injury symptoms, and within ten to fourteen days, plant death occurs. This combination of herbicides provide limited residual activity, ensuring effective control at specified use rates.

Sulfentrazone, part of the aryl triazolinone family, inhibits protoporphyrinogen oxidase (Protox) - a crucial enzyme for chlorophyll production. With this enzyme inhibited, a build-up of peroxide-like compounds occurs, causing the plant cell membranes of weeds to rupture.

Choose Triad SFZ Select for fast and effective post-emergent broadleaf weed control in your turfgrass.

Features & Benefits:

  • 6 hour rain-fastness
  • 24-48 hours for visible results
  • Water-based formula
  • Kills the weeds and not the grass

Effective control of tough weeds in industrial or low maintenance areas

Looking for a herbicide that can effectively control tough weeds? Look no further than Triad SFZ Select! Triad SFZ Select is designed to tackle a range of difficult-to-control weeds, including mixed strands of Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, smooth bromegrass, orchardgrass, and reed canarygrass.

It's important to note that Triad SFZ Select is not suitable for use on commercial timber or other plants grown for sale or commercial use, commercial seed production, or research purposes. However, it is highly effective for non-cropland areas such as roadsides and rights-of-way.

Triad SFZ Select treatments may cause harm or result in the death of legumes, such as clovers (sweet, yellow, red, crimson, alsike, hop, white), lespedezas, trefoils, and vetches.

Triad SFZ Select is not registered for use in AK, AZ, CA, HI

Effective Against:

AsterCreeping ButtercupDayflowerFilareeInnocenceNutsedgePlantainRedweedWild CarrotYarrow
BedstrawCarpetweedDeadnettleFlorida BetonyKnotweedOld World Diamond FlowerPoison IvyRed SorrelWild GarlicYellow Rocket
Creeping BeggarweedChickweedDockFlorida PusleyLambsquartersOxalisPoison OakRedweedWild Geranium
Black MedickChicoryDogfennelGround IvyLawn BurweedParsley PiertPrickly LettuceShephard's PurseWild Lettuce
Broadleaf PlantainCinquefoilDollarweedGroundselLespedezaPennsylvania SmartweedPuncturevineSpurgeWild Mustard
Buckhorn PlantainCloverFalse DandelionHawkweedMallowPepperweedPurple CudweedThistleWild Onion
Bull ThistleCurly DockField BindweedHeal-AllMatchweedPigweedPurslaneVirginia ButtonweedWild Strawberry
BurdockDandelionField Oxeye DaisyHenbitMousear ChickweedPinappleweedRagweedWhite Clover

Use Sites:

Residential Lawns, Golf Courses (including fairways, aprons, roughs), Golf Course Turf, Sports Turf, Public Recreation Areas (see label for complete list)

Active Ingredients: 2,4-D 18.33%, MCPA 6.65%, Dicamba 2.88%, Sulfentrazone 0.65%


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